• Time for Barack and Mitt to put their big boy pants on . . .
    posted by Mike McClellan at 22 May, 8:38 AM  0 
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    . . . and distance themselves from a couple of prominent supporters.

     In Obama’s case, he needs to repudiate the”comedian” Bill Maher.

     Who just last week called the Mormon Church of Mitt Romney a “cult” (you can read about it here).

     Now, no one who’s even remotely familiar with Maher should be surprised at his comment; he thinks all religions are cults.

     But in this case, he went after the religion because of Romney’s membership in it.

     So what difference does this make to Obama?

     Maher made a big deal of donating $1 million to the Super Pac associated with the Obama campaign earlier this year.

     And now, a prominent giver to the campaign has attacked what Obama believes is off limits — a candidate’s religion.

     Obama can deal with this easily — give the moolah back, and inform the country that he won’t take money from someone like Maher.

     The campaign has “repudiated” the comment but not the money.

     So Obama should put Maher’s  money where his mouth is — give it back to him.  And make a forceful statement that the candidates’ religion is off limits in a campaign.

     Meanwhile, Mitt’s got his own supporter problem — thanks to our very own Ken Bennett, the new darling of the Birthers.

     Who has resurrected the birth certificate controversy and at the same time renounced his own position of remaining neutral in elections.

     He’s now the state co-chair of Romney’s campaign.

     Romney can easily dispose of this problem — he can fire Bennett from his position.

     And make a forceful statement about the lunacy of the Birthers.

     Think either will do so?

     (Sigh) Me, neither.

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