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    posted by Tom Patterson at 5 May, 5:17 PM  0 
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    Here’s something baffling to me. How can young people be so clueless about politics and how it affects their future?


    They’re so savvy about some things – technology, pop culture – but they just stare passively as politicians steal their future and give away their financial prospects.


    The apathy of the young translates into low voter turnout, which handicaps them politically. According to Gallup, only 56% of Americans under 30 intend to vote in this election while over 80% of older Americans will turn out. Only seniors seem to “get it” that you can be cynical and disgusted if you want, but if you know what’s good for you, you’ll show up to vote.


    I think it’s another sign of their lack of engagement, that when they do vote, youths support politicians like Barack Obama. He is admittedly cool (and a member of a racial minority) but he hasn’t lifted a finger to protect younger voters from the aggressiveness of today’s federal beneficiaries. That’s simply not doing your homework nor bending your mind to analytical thinking.


    If they had their wits about them, young folks would make Rep. Paul Ryan a  rock star. He’s taken the lead in making politically unpopular proposals to reform Medicare and Social Security, leaving a little something for those yet to come. He’s been demagogued to death for his efforts, while younger Americans have mostly failed to rally around him.


    Unfortunately, in politics, naivete and apathy usually produce disastrous results. Young Americans face a bitter harvest for their lack of foresight. I honestly feel bad for them, especially today’s children who deserve better.




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