• Some will march for Joe; We all pay the dough
    posted by Mike McClellan at 27 April, 9:57 AM  0 
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    So tomorrow in Fountain Hills, supporters of The Most Publicity-Desperate Sheriff in America will hold a rally and march (you can read about it here).

    While they march for Joe, I wonder if they’ve kept track of how much dough Joe’s cost us in the last week.

    Let’s see, that’d be $975,000 in the trumped-up animal abuse case against the Chandler cop, who promptly sued the Sheriff — meaning us — and won that amount.

    And yesterday, courts ordered the Sheriff — meaning us, again — to pay the Republic and Channel 12 $45,000 in attorney’s fees because MCSO refused to turn over the Pinal County investigative report of the MCSO, despite the fact that the report was a public record. 

    Total charged against Joe for the week?  $1,020,000.

    Total paid by Joe?  0

    Total paid by taxpayers, including Joe’s supporters marching for him tomorrow?  $1,020,000.

    But a million is chicken feed for Joe — he’s cost us tens of millions during his too-long reign of error and terror.

    His supporters’ response:  Joe’s the only one who enforces all the laws all the time.

    Except, of course, for the laws he ignores — all the time. 

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