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    posted by Mike McClellan at 17 April, 9:41 AM  0 
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    Wil Cardon — who, up to a few months ago, was just the son of a very successful East Valley developer — really wants to be our new U. S. Senator.

     How much does he?

     Oh, about $4.2 million worth.

     Which  is how much of his own money he’s “loaned” to his campaign to date.

     Money that so far, anyhow, seems to be going down the rathole.

     Polls show he’s far behind his primary opponent, Jeff Flake.

     And he’s only received $197,000 in outside contributions.

     But Wil’s running hard, especially on TV, where we have seen plenty of the boyish Wil touting his ability to “create jobs” and his “principles.”

     It’s the latter message that intrigues me.

     Here’s why.

     In his latest ad, Wil ‘s all about illegal immigration, telling viewers that  he will “consistently follow our principles,” and “respect the rule of law.”



     Because as I recall, his dad was a big builder of commercial  buildings and homes years ago.

     In fact, on my way to work, I’d see some of that construction.

     The Cardon Group website (you can see it here) even touts that successful portion of its history.   

     Any guesses that possibly the construction has some  illegal immigrants working there?

     I don’t know the answer, but it might be a good question to ask Mr. Tough on Illegals:

     Did your daddy ever hire illegal immigrants to help construct the Cardon Empire from which you so generously spend on your current Senate campaign?

     Has Wil Cardon’s campaign been able to spend money made from the backs of illegal immigrants who worked on many of the Cardon Group’s projects?

     Is Wil Cardon a Romneyish Flip Flopper on illegal immigration?

     We ought to find out, eh?


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