• What Would Jesus Whine About?
    posted by Donna Gratehouse at 16 April, 10:53 PM  0 
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    “For to you it has been granted on behalf of Christ, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake.” Philippians 1:29

    Many conservatives have a remarkable knack for managing to be insufferably whiny even when they’re gloating over victories. Cathi Herrod of Center for Arizona Policy is a perfect example of this. Per her latest “5 Minutes for Families” post:

    Through the hard work of the CAP team, our friends at the Legislature, and YOUR support, we experienced some very significant success this week.

    So there’s the gloating. And then the whining:

    A Word About Our Opponents

    During floor debates this week, legislators opposed to CAP-supported bills stood up to openly attack CAP and imply that legislators are blindly following our lead. Nothing could be further from the truth. We heard several recycled feminist rants about the abortion issue. You can listen to these rants here. First, I ask you to remember to pray for those who stand in opposition – that they would see the merits of these issues. Second, I ask you to commit now to engaging this election season. I have no doubt that the common sense bills on CAP’s legislative agenda reflect the core values of a strong majority of Arizonans. This vocal, fired-up minority, however, stands ready to “take back the Legislature” and go to battle this election season. Perseverance through prayer and action is necessary to maintain the breakthroughs for foundational principles that we’ve been able to accomplish these last few years.

    Waaaaah. Well, no one promised Cathi that doing the Lord’s work would be easy. Herrod often says that “family values” Christians like herself shouldn’t have to confine their faith to the four walls of the church. They should be able to put their faith in the public square. But it’s obvious that this public square Cathi and her crew pine for isn’t a place where the members of the public would be permitted to criticize or debate their ideas. Unfortunately for these would-be theocrats, we aren’t yet a theocracy where they can just impose their dictates on the peons and have done with it. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been fantastically successful with the strategies they do have at their disposal – dishonest propaganda, intense pressure on legislators, and whining that they’re being persecuted for their religious beliefs if anyone dares to challenge their agenda. And then whining louder when they’re winning because people outside their circle scorn their actions instead of applauding them. You know, just like the Savior did.


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