• Montini, Roberts, the Republic: Where ARE You?
    posted by Mike McClellan at 12 April, 10:37 AM  0 
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     So while we’re preoccupied with the circus that is our state’s various scandals, our media and politicians apparently don’t want to deal with a more deadly subject:  the Stand Your Ground law we adopted years ago.

     No E.J. Montini column.  No Laurie Roberts piece.  No Republic editorial.  No article examining Arizona’s Stand Your Ground law.

    Nada from the Democrats in the legislature. 

    Of course, nothing from the Guv.  But that’s to be expected.

     No one with a large voice or influence in Arizona apparently wants to broach the subject of just how broad the Stand Your Ground laws are, how subject they are to abuse, how difficult they make prosecutions.

     At least one politician, however, has weighed in:  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 

     Bloomberg yesterday announced a national movement to end those laws (you can read about it here).

     As Bloomberg rightly notes, these laws create a vigilante system, the Wild West writ large:  

     “I don’t think any civilized society should allow people to just all of a sudden decide they don’t like somebody, feel threatened, or whatever it is, pull a gun and kill ‘em.”

     He noted that in the years since Florida instituted its Stand Your Ground Law, justifiable homicides per year have tripled in that state, according to FBI statistics.

     In fact, FBI stats show that nationwide, in states where the law exists, justifiable homicide has risen by an average of 25% since those laws passed.

     And because of discrepancies in how state report those, the increase could be much higher.

     So he’s part of a campaign to get folks to petition their states to modify or eliminate those laws (you can sign up here). 

     Here in Arizona?  As usual, nothing.  Not even from our media.

     E.J., Laurie, anyone . . . why the silence?

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