• Whither Bill Montgomery?
    posted by Mike McClellan at 11 April, 9:30 AM  0 
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    So yesterday, we learned that the County Attorney’s office under Andrew Thomas was compromised by a hugely unethical — and, possibly, illegal — conspiracy of misbehavior by Thomas and others.

     Those “others” include the other half of Maricopa County law enforcement — the Sheriff’s office under Joe Arpaio.

     According to yesterday’s Bar findings, those two offices repeatedly engaged in the worst behavior.

     Many people, including some of the victims of that behavior, reacted yesterday.

      But Thomas’s successor, Bill Montgomery?


     Crickets chirping.

     Nowhere to be seen or heard.

     Which is not unusual for Montgomery, who increasingly seems a status quo kind of guy.

     Remember the last big scandal here, the legislators taking all kinds of gifts from folks, some like Ben Arredando and Russell Pearce taking thousands of dollars in all kinds of goodies?

     Remember Montgomery’s reaction to that?

     Remember how he backed bills supporting more restrictions?  How he lobbied for them at the legislature?  How he pursued those who seemed to have broken existing rules?

     Me neither.  Because he didn’t.

     Nope, he was missing in action.  Or more like full of inaction.

     Why no prosecutions?  Because he couldn’t prove the legislators “knowingly” misbehaved.

     But he did recommend an overhaul of financial disclosure rules.  And when legislators proposed them?  Silence  from Montgomery.

     In fact, the only time we’ve seen Montgomery exercised about a scandal is his recent outburst at the Department of Justice.  Wherein he seemed to be defending Joe Arpaio.  Or at the very least attacking the credibility of the DOJ investigation.

     And now, with the Thomas scandal, more silence from Montgomery.

     You’d think that he would be outraged and saddened that his office has been misused as it had by his predecessor.

     Instead, nothing from the county’s chief law enforcement officer.

     Something, I guess, we should come to expect.

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