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    posted by Kristin Borns at 8 April, 8:53 PM  0 
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    One of the biggest criticisms levied against government is redundancy.  HB 2123, recently signed by the governor, is the latest example.

    HB 2123 creates a Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) Reform Committee.  The general idea behind the bill is to establish a committee to examine Arizona’s TPT tax (which is basically sales tax) and other taxes and make recommendations regarding revenue collection.

    I think taking a step back and examining Arizona’s tax code in totality is a good idea.  I also think the conversation needs to encompass all tax revenue sources and account, honestly, for the impact of not only increases, such as the current sales tax increase, but substantial cuts over the last few decades.

    Will this committee do that?  It’s way too early to tell.  But I can tell you, this conversation, this work, this analysis has been done a few times in recent memory.  Fiscal 2000 was a substantial review undertaken in 1989 and the Citizens’ Finance Review Commission did the same kind of review in 2003.  Additionally, as recently 2009 the legislature has received data from the Fiscal Alternative Choices Team and an in-depth assessment provided upon Speaker Adam’s request from Elliott Pollack.

    I’m all for taking a step back and honestly assessing Arizona’s tax code – and decrying any revenue and calling for cuts and cuts alone is not an honest assessment – but why not take advantage of the heavy lifting done many times over by non-partisan experts?  Seems a bit redundant to me.

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