• But I thought they were all for the individual!
    posted by Donna Gratehouse at 31 March, 8:06 PM  0 
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    Michael Bryan of Blog for Arizona shares Republican CD8 Congressional candidate Frank Antenori’s statement about how we leftists are ripping people from the bosoms of their families:

    “The family is the core unit that makes this country great. And if you dismantle it, like the left loves to do—they love to divide and conquer. They love to pit us against each other. They love to tear apart families. They don’t want families. They want individuals that they can control. So the key thing to that is for them to destroy families.” (h/t to Jim Nintzel writing for The Skinny)

    Per Michael:

    Frank owes half of America an apology.

    He may be an effective conservative firebrand, adept at bashing his hometown to score points with his team of wing-nuts in Phoenix, but he is not the sort of person who can claim to represent all the citizens of this district.

    Now, let’s take a closer look at Frank’s claim.

    We liberals hate families. That’s why we are trying so hard to create more of them by allowing same-sex couples to marry and raise children. That makes sense.

    Seems to me this claim is just ridiculous on its face. If anyone hates families – same-sex ones at least – it is conservatives, who get their knickers in a twist because gays and lesbians want the same rights as heteros. How someone else enjoying the benefits and satisfactions of stable family life denigrates my own hetero marriage, I have always failed to see. If anything, the fact that there is a population of people clamouring to be allowed the same rights as my wife and I enjoy is an affirmation of the continuing relevance and vitality of the institution.

    Oh Michael, you clearly don’t understand what Antenori means by “family”! His definition of that is a unit of related people organized under the principle that the adult male person bosses the female adult person around and the children (there must be children!) are the property of the male person but the responsibility for rearing them falls upon the female person. Same sex couples simply cannot be allowed to participate in this institution because who can tell who the boss is?

    You may be confused about Frank Antenori invoking the concept of the “individual”. This is understandable because guys like Frank are known to speak of the “individual” in fond terms:

    Ed, that’s an easy one. I campaigned on reducing spending, balancing the budget, reducing the size and stop of government and protecting your individual liberty and property rights.

    But those aren’t the kind of “individuals” (i.e., women, minorities, poor people, children, etc.) who want to have all kinds of stupid “rights” and “freedoms” that allow them to discomfit the real individuals! Those would be white, straight, property owning, Christian dudes. Like the Founding Fathers intended! Freedom!


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