• Republicans = Taliban?
    posted by Tom Patterson at 28 March, 9:51 AM  0 
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    Sen. Linda Lopez describes legislative Republicans as “Taliban-like”.  How else to describe their conclusion that employers with religious objections should be exempted from the requirement to provide employees with free abortifacients and contraception?  Sounds like something right out of the terrorist playbook to me.


    Has there ever been more hyperbole, hypocrisy and misinformation surrounding an issue than what informs the imaginary “War on Women”?  It’s absurd, like these people start believing the stuff they just made up.


    Why should government dictate to job creators the specifics of how they should reimburse their workers anyway?  That’s best left for the parties involved to work out for themselves as a contractual matter.


    Besides that, paying for expectable, routine medical expenses through insurance is dumb.  If you already know you want the benefit (i.e. BCPs), why give an insurance company the money and then hope you’ll get what you need and without too much of a handling charge deducted.


    The imagined problem that gives me a wry laugh is the poor woman who is going to have to discuss her “nether parts” (as one columnist put it) with her boss to get her prescription paid for if it’s not for purposes of contraception. 


    Does anybody really think that’s going to happen?  That’s not going to happen.  The way these things work is that the doctor writes “Not for Birth Control” on the prescription and that’s it.  Duh.


    Still, the lies and exaggerations just keep on coming.  I thought in America we respected freedom of conscience.


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