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    posted by Tom Patterson at 26 March, 12:31 PM  0 
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    I’ve got an idea for how to take down Joe Arpaio once and for all on this birther business.  Someone should list the arguments in his report one by one and them just systematically blow them away with the evidence of how wrong they are.  It’s a great chance to thoroughly embarrass the sheriff.


    The reporting has been either nonexistent or substance-free so far.  Montini pointed out that only a crazy guy who hates Obama and Holder could come up with such obvious tripe, but neither he nor anybody else bothers to say what’s in there, much less what’s wrong with it.  You have to wonder if the mainstreamers have even read the report.


    I honestly don’t know.  I don’t find sneering put-downs too persuasive.  You hear stuff like the hospital listed on the birth certificate didn’t even exist at the time, but that could be some easily disproved conspiratorial hogwash.  It shouldn’t be that hard to find out.


    I have an ulterior motive for being totally sincere about this.  Democrats have feasted on this issue.  Obama has been masterful at creating enough uncertainty to keep the skeptics snapping at the bait.  I mean, come on, it takes the POTUS two years to produce a birth certificate?  Right.


    Meanwhile Republican poobahs are begging for relief from a controversy that has delivered unremitting bad PR for their party.  There’s probably not much potential upside at this point in the whole thing anyway.


    I’m not holding my breath waiting for Arpaio’s arguments to be seriously analyzed.  It’s more work than an ad hominem attack for one thing.


    Plus, the media have been rock solid in protecting Obama from this and the other mysteries in his past. They have the birthers right where they want them, so why change anything?

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