• Guess who else has the Stand Your Ground law?
    posted by Mike McClellan at 22 March, 1:36 PM  0 
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    That’d be rootin’,tootin’,  AK-47 shootin’ Arizona.

     Home of the guns in bars, baby carriages, and backpacks.

     Maybe soon to be home of guns in the classroom.

     And one of the states that passed the NRA-pushed Stand Your Ground law way back when.

     When being 2005.  When a bunch of state legislators attending the right-wing ALEC convention (the one that many of our legislators go to, get their marching orders and  legislation, then come back to Arizona and behave like the good little puppets they are), learned about something called the Castle Doctrine Act, which became the model for the Florida law.

     And Arizona’s – You can read the bill here.

     We passed ours in 2006.  SB 1145.  Sponsored by a boatload of Republicans, including now-Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshareny.  And passed with bipartisan support.

     What does ours allow?

     The use of deadly force when we feel threatened  in “any place in this state where a person has a right to be.”

     Pretty broad.  And almost identical to Florida’s law and the Castle Doctrine Act from ALEC (which you can read here).

     Think the NRA-Alec-Puppets-of-Both bill is a little too broad?

     Me, too.

     Think our legislators will narrow it at all?

     No time soon.  Unless their masters tell them to.






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