• Right-Wing Plot to Sink Mitt Romney
    posted by Paula Pennypacker at 20 March, 5:25 PM  0 
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    It’s discrimination if a group of people are singled out for denial of coverage. There is no medication specifically for men that is singled out like this.”

                                                       Post from facebook friend, Kris Hendrickson Morgan.



    I am beginning to think that with all the national coverage our state’s Republican female legislators are getting on their anti-women bills, that there is some kind of right-wing plot to hurt Mitt Romney.


    Romney, to his credit, is desperately trying to pivot from all the talk about contraception, and a woman’s menstrual cycle, and get back to talking about the economy, but to no avail.


    Check out the latest looney, radical, anti-woman bill coming out of our legislature. First we had Majority Whip Debbie Lesko’s anti-contraception bill. That the last time I checked, it did not include anything about men discussing or showing proof of their medical need for Viagra, or vasectomies with their employers or insurance company.


    Now we have Senator Nancy Barto’s bill that can put a woman’s life at risk.  You can read about that crazy bill HERE.


    It amazes me that Republican female politicians are willing to turn back the clock on women’s rights in order to get and stay elected. It’s even more amazing how women like Lesko and Barto are willing to carry the water for the GOP that has basically become a party of a bunch of angry white men who would be perfectly content if we women would just shut up and stayed home barefoot and pregnant.

    And now Rick Perry, another GOP white male, by successfully defunding Planned Parenthood in Texas, that also resulted in the subsequent Medicaid defunding by the Department of Health and Human Services, has set himself up as an expert in women’s health issues. Women from all over the nation are now bombarding Perry’s facebook page for his advice, on their menstrual cycle. This stuff is hilarious — you can read those comments HERE.

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Mitt Romney, as through no fault of his own, Republicans are heading to defeat in 2012 and they deserve to be defeated. We want to hear about what politicians are going to do for jobs, the economy, and the foreclosure crisis.

    Please Senator Barto and Rep. Lesko — leave family planning and other female related health issues to me and my doctor, and tell us what you are going to do to get Arizona back to work.


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