• The SB 1083 Band-Aid
    posted by Paula Pennypacker at 28 February, 5:07 PM  0 
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    Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen spoke to her tea party flock of followers Monday night in an attempt to sell her bill, SB 1083, at a cost of $1.45 million, to establish and army of unpaid armed militia to patrol Arizona’s southern border.

    I was immediately recognized when I entered the building by one of Allen’s new lieutenants, and my former tea party leader, known as “Honey.”  Although Honey appeared to warmly greet me, she was quick to label me an “open borders person who is now aligned with Randy Parraz’s group Citizens for a Better Arizona,” and adding that “Sheriff Joe is only doing his job, and all this about him racially profiling is just plain wrong”…. all in one breath. 

    My reminder to her that Citizens for a Better Arizona is a bipartisan group, like the tea party used to be before it was taken over by right-wing Republicans, fell on deaf ears.

    Senator Allen began her talk with a story about her family during Arizona’s pioneering days.  After establishing her credentials as an old-time pioneer, Allen went on to attribute Arizona’s current problems to the drug cartels in Mexico.  Using Jan Brewer’s favorite fear-mongering warning of beheadings and dismembered body parts found in the desert.

    Unbelievably, Allen gave a shout out to Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu’s efforts to combat drug runners, but neglected to include that Babeu had to fire Deputy Louis Puroll for making up the lie of the presence of drug runners he found during patrols in late 2010, necessitating the firing of his weapon in a manner he could logistically not explain.

    All the fear-monger, painting the story of unbridled violence attributed to cartel drug-running, was a preamble for Sylvia Allen’s introduction of her bill, SB 1083.

    What Allen is trying to do is merely apply a Band-Aid on a very serious problem, masking the symptoms, in a belief that securing Arizona’s border with Mexico would be all that is needed to eliminate the need for drugs and prostitutes supplied by the cartels. 

    But applying a Band-Aid, in the form of a group of Hogan’s Heroes types of unpaid volunteers-with-guns, would not only fail to cure the real justification for the presence of the cartels, it could potentially create more problems that would only serve to further embarrass Arizona in the eyes of the nation.

    Instead of trying to secure the border, Allen neglects to consider the reason for the cartels in the first place:  American customers want their drugs and American customers want their sex.  The only logical solution to put the cartels out of business would be to decriminalize drugs and prostitution. 

    Now I realize that this would be no easy feat, because even though Arizona voters voted three times to allow medical marijuana, Governor Brewer and the State’s tea party Republicans have been desperately trying to negate the will of the voters.  And Senator Allen is part of the radical minority who are controlling the agenda here in Arizona.

    But not to be out done with Allen’s ideas of the uncontrolled invasion of undesirables into Arizona.   Someone in the audience suggested placing land mines along the border, and unbelievably, several audience members agreed. 

    And so it goes …. this is how Arizona Senator Sylvia “Band-Aid” Allen attempted to sell SB 1083, by establishing a group of armed misfit militiamen at the border in order to keep cartel activity out and good god-fearing Americans in.  But a Band-Aid is just a Band-Aid.  Masking the symptoms will not cure the problem.

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