• Hey, stupid men, I’ve got news for you
    posted by Jana Bommersbach at 28 February, 10:18 AM  0 
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    It is with astonishment, horror, amazement and humor that I’m watching a bunch of white guys deciding what to do with women’s bodies. We’re not talking about the anti-abortion crowd; we’re talking about the ANTI-CONTRACEPTION crowd, which turns out, if you’re a Republican, to be the same thing.

    Every single man running for the Republican nomination for president has come out against contraception–a battle fought two generations ago. They say that if health insurers cover contraception, it’s against religious principles. They say they know what is best.

    Well, you stupid, backward, idiotic, delusional, pitiful men, you’re so wrong you aren’t even relevant to the discussion anymore. And that one issue is going to assure that President Obama gets a second term.

    Frankly, stupid men, you have completely and totally ticked off the largest voting bloc in this nation and even conservative women won’t let you get away with this.

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