• Don’t judge Muslims by our standards
    posted by Tom Patterson at 28 February, 10:19 AM  0 
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    Pres. Obama, our apologizer-in-chief, groveled for three pages over the accidental burning of some Korans in Afghanistan. Predictably, it made no difference. Around the Muslim world, rioters are killing Americans anyway. Iranian Brigadier General Mohammed Reza Naqd explained that “nothing but burning the White House can relieve the wound” Muslims have endured and that “their apology can be accepted only by hanging their commanders”. To the Western sensibility, that sounds outlandishly harsh. The total lack of proportionality seems mad. But the general speaks for more Muslims than we are comfortable admitting. Where are the protestors against the senseless taking of human life? Only the inadvertent burning of books provokes outrage. I think Westerners are mistaken to judge Muslims by our own moral standards. They are not dissolute, amoral apostates of a universally accepted creed. They simply inhabit a moral and psychological universe profoundly different from our own. The only value that matters is total submission to the word of Allah, which is Shariah as applied to human affairs. There is no distinction between church and state. As for our values, they devalue life, they consider liberty to be defiance of Allah and pursuit of happiness is degeneracy. They’re not buying what we’re so proudly selling. Yet these are people we apologize to and reach out to with hundreds of billions in “nation building” aid. We’re not changing hearts or winning many friends. We’re just deceiving ourselves while creating a yet more dangerous world.

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