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    posted by Nathan Sproul at 21 February, 1:06 PM  0 
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    I’d planned for this post to be about the Obama administration trampling on the freedom of religion in its war on the Catholic Church.

    But, as my mother used to say, “the best laid plans of mice and men…” I never knew what mice had to do with it but I got the gist of her point. Sometimes our plans don’t become reality. That is certainly the case with this post.

    A couple weeks ago I wrote that Wil Cardon’s attacks on Jeff Flake were disingenuous. Cardon was trying to plant the seed that Flake goes on taxpayer-funded vacation jaunts around the globe to eat caviar and sip champaigne.

    About half way through my last post (http://nathansproul.com/?p=52) I asked the rhetorical question “does Flake travel internationally at taxpayer expense?” Then, I answered it, “of course he does.”

    I went on to explain that Congressman Flake serves on the House FOREIGN Affairs Committee. It is his job to travel internationally.

    I suppose we could also criticize the Secretary of State for traveling to countries on the taxpayer dime. I mean, it takes some serious audacity on the part of Hillary Clinton to be jet-setting around the world at taxpayer expense. Who does she think she is?

    Until yesterday, I didn’t plan on writing about Cardon anymore. After all, the latest poll done by a reputable firm has Wil Cardon losing to Jeff Flake 56-7.

    That was yesterday morning.

    By yesterday afternoon, Wil Cardon had released the sequel to his first ad. And, as they say, the sequel is never as good as the original. But the original was so bad, it would have been like making a “Judge Dredd Remake.” (Oh, wait, they are doing that…bad analogy.)

    The sequel actually takes disregard for the truth to a whole new level. Cardon intentionally misquoted from my earlier post. In the sequel, he takes my rhetorical line “does Flake travel internationally at taxpayer expense? Of course he does.” And makes it sound like I agree with his accusation.

    There are plenty of ways Wil Cardon can differentiate himself from Jeff Flake. In my opinion, this line of attack was lame and dishonest. Now, Cardon takes my blog post and intentionally distorts it to mean something it doesn’t.

    If Mr. Cardon were to ask my advice about how the campaign should proceed from here, I would tell him two things. First, drop out and endorse Jeff Flake. After he chose not to follow that piece of advice, nugget of insight #2 would be pretty simple. The truth “Wil” set you free. For the good of conservatives throughout Arizona, please try it.

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