• Media obsess with trivia, blames legislature
    posted by Tom Patterson at 19 February, 11:10 AM  0 
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    State Rep. Katie Hobbs has a beef.  Advertisers are in the practice of airbrushing away some of
    the unattractive wrinkles, pores and bulges of their models (who knew?) and, by
    gum, she means to do something about it.

    Folks faced with the minor annoyances of life often sigh
    "there oughtta be a law". 
    But for Ms. Hobbs, it’s different. 
    For this wannabe progressive, when the all-too-common urge strikes to
    run other people’s lives, she can actually introduce a bill.

    So she did, mandating a disclaimer for all advertisers who alter
    a photograph.  They haves to fess
    up to their deception and reveal that "when using this product, similar
    results may not be achieved".

    So if you’re thinking this is no big deal, you’re exactly
    right.  Silly bills like this don’t
    generally cause the slightest ripple at the legislature and are disposed of
    with the dispatch they deserve.

    But local media is all atwitter.  The Republic, on the day after the centennial, actually ran
    a front page story on the bill with two columns inside!  TV stations joined in the coverage.

    This is a media staple during legislative sessions.  Particularly inconsequential bills are
    hauled out for some light guffaws. 
    The implication is that it proves what lightweights all legislators are
    for obsessing over such matters.

    It’s the media that’s obsessing, not legislators.  Still, if form holds, we’ll soon see
    editorials and letters pompously castigating the legislature for not attending
    to more important matters. 
    Columnists will have their fun. 
    Watch for it.

    Udate:  between the time I wrote this blog and got around to posting it, the first letter to the editor appeared castigating the legislature for spending all their time on trivia rather than attending to the needs of the state, etc., etc.

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