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    posted by Nathan Sproul at 10 February, 5:30 PM  0 
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    I have to admit that after a decade of being a political consultant, I’m relatively jaded. I’ve sat in more than one meeting when people smirk and snicker about how they are going to attack their opponent and that in the most extreme cases the truth is “irrelevant.”

    Well, the attack by Wil Cardon against Jeff Flake for his international travel on the taxpayer dime is one of the most egregious examples I have ever seen of not letting the facts get in the way of a good political attack.

    Ultimately, Cardon attempts to portray a champagne drinking, caviar eating congressman who rides private jets while laughing at the gullibility of his constituents…

    Come on, Wil…You know that ad is blatantly dishonest. Please don’t start the campaign this way.

    Does Flake travel internationally at taxpayer expense? Of course he does. He has served on the House FOREIGN Affairs Committee. That is FOREIGN Affairs as opposed to DOMESTIC Affairs.

    As shocking as this may seem, when you serve on the House FOREIGN Affairs Committee, sometimes you actually travel to FOREIGN countries. Next thing you know, Cardon will be attacking Congressman Flake for using taxpayer money to pay for his Congressional office.

    In my opinion, this attack by Cardon demonstrates why his campaign has, so far, proven to be amateur hour. If you feel like you need to go negative, at least make it pass the laugh test.

    Voters are smarter than many consultants and politicians want to believe.

    Memo to Cardon: Voters recognize a shockingly dishonest ad when they see it. Please don’t stoop to this level.

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