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    posted by Donna Gratehouse at 5 January, 9:36 PM  0 
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    Mark and I went to the City of Phoenix Inauguration this morning, in which Mayor Greg Stanton and four newly elected City Council Members were sworn in.

    Stanton’s remarks concluded the event and I thought the speech hit all the notes that needed hitting. He spoke of collaboration and progress in commerce, education, and sustainability. He spoke of community and the importance of including everyone – business owners, students, LGBT, people with disabilities, and homeless people. But at the same time I liked that he wasn’t afraid to throw out some red meat. Councilman and compulsive email spammer Sal Diciccio looked uncomfortable as Stanton declared forcefully that he would “not allow city employees to be used as political pawns!” I hope Mayor Stanton and his center-left majority Council come down like a ton of bricks on Diciccio and his fatuous preening over made-up city compensation figures.

    At the City Hall reception after the event a few people I spoke with were saying they felt Stanton had the same level of expectation on him for the city that President Obama had when he was elected to lead the nation. I can see their point and that’s why I’m glad that our new Mayor isn’t shying away from the conflict that is so often at the heart of politics even as he commits to collaborative solutions.

    Also, I have much praise for my new City Councilman Daniel Valenzuela for his funny, eloquent, and touching speech.

    The GOP Iowa caucus results are going to be coming in soon and I’ll be back with my thoughts on that embarrassing clown show.


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