• The GOP’s suicide mission
    posted by James Garcia at 25 October, 7:14 PM  0 
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    The Arizona Republic newspaper had an editorial over the weekend about how the GOP is cutting its own legs out from under the party when it comes to Latino voters. President Obama has not followed through on his promise to address immigration reform, true, but if people think that’s the only think Latinos care about they’re wrong. On the other hand, the Republican Party is making long-term enemies fast by continuing is relentless nearly nationwide assault on immigrants, especially Latino immigrants. It’s as if they’ve lost all common sense on the subject. Beyond that, the GOP’s presidential candidates are eating themselves alive. Good for them. If the economy stays anything like it’s been, the Republicans should have no trouble regaining the White House. But thanks to the party leadership’s sheer stupidity — not to mention just plain mean spiritedness — President Obama might well win a second term. Among the Republican presidential candidates, Romney’s the only person with a honest bone in his body, except that he’s spineless.


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