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    Located in the Lee Lee shopping center in Chandler, the owners of China Magic Noodle House have done a great job of making the interior bright, clean and welcoming. Being greeted with a smile we were sat in the one of the generously sized booths, like they knew the feast we were going to order.On the farthest wall you’ll see a large window open to the kitchen so you can indeed see where the magic happens. After you place your order, you’re more than welcome to go to the window and watch the noodle master get to work. Each order is hand pulled and is just amazing to witness. I was immediately put into a foodie induced trance while he twisted and beat the dough. Let me say, the noodle master makes it look so easy but I can assure you, it takes a ton of practice and skill honing to get to where this guy is. When ordering you have several choice of noodles including the hand pulled version as well as wide noodles, shaved noodles, thick noodles and vegetable noodles.

    Wanting to attack the menu from all sides, we indeed ordered up a Chinese noodle feast. When the first dish arrived we knew we were in for a treat. Clearly the Pan Fried Dumpling was, like the noodles, made by hand as the outside skin was thick and robust. Stuffed with seasoned minced pork, these dumplings were huge. Along side was a bowl of a vinegar-based dipping sauce, which brought a nice tang to each pork bite. I enjoyed the fact that the skin was thick since each bite was substantial and toothsome.

    The Hot Spring Beef Tender was actually kind of a surprise when it arrived. My impression when ordering this dish was that it would be tender sliced beef but when it arrived it was actually a plate full of paper-thin slices of spiced marinated beef tendon. I love beef tendon so it wasn’t much of a problem, though when asked our waiter about the spelling on the menu he was quick to point out that the tendon is tender, funny. However he was helpful in pointing out that next time ordering the Marinated Beef will get me sliced beef.

    Noodles with Minced Pork Sauce was filled with chewy bites was studded with green onion and little pieces of ground pork. The noodles did a great job of absorbing all of the flavors of the dish, I’d order this one again anytime. Beef with Fried Noodles in XO Spicy Sauce, similar to a house lo-mein, was bursting with taste. The spicy XO sauce added a savory dimension to the noodles and the tender beef. If you need additional spice there is a jar of gorgeous red chile oil on every table.

    Similar to Vietnamese pho, Ox-Tail with Soup Noodles were so comforting, I can imagine these on a cold day, warming your belly and your soul. The broth was complex and each bite of fall off the bone tender ox-tail and chewy noodles were a joy to slurp.

    The only negative thing I can say about China Magic Noodle House is that they aren’t closer to where I live, though on second thought this might be a good thing.

    2015 N Dobson Rd | Chandler, AZ 85224| (480) 786-8002

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