• New Four Peaks Location At Sky Harbor in 2013

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    Four Peaks Brewing Company will soon be heading to Terminal 4 in Sky Harbor International Airport.  Yes, that is the actual artist rendering directly above of what you will soon be seeing when you catch a flight next year!

    That’s right; with a target date set for April of 2013 (that’s less than a YEAR away!) you will soon be able to imbibe on that final pint of delicious Four Peaks ale at Four Peaks in the airport instead of having to rush one in before leaving to the airport!

    As one of 17 new beverage/culinary artisans included in this deal set to open next year, Four Peaks will be joined by other local favorites such as Matt’s Big Breakfast, NOCA, Sweet Republic Ice Cream, Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, America’s Taco Shop amongst others. Construction is slated to begin this January and the Four Peaks location is set to be one of the first establishments to open in this phase.

    And fear not my friends, not only are we planning on serving up all of your favorite Four Peaks taste tempting Award-Winning Beer, we are also planning on giving you plenty of the same food options you’ve come to know and love! Through the use of some hard hitting journalistic  tactics (I asked) it has come to my attention that you’ll be able to procure some of our soon-to-be-world-famous Arizona Chicken Rolls, our burgers, the Salmon BLT and, of course, our legendary staple Beer Bread Sandwiches.

    If that is still not enough, for all of you early risers out there we will also be serving breakfast!  Haven’t you always wanted to scarf down a Brewer’s Breakfast a mere 5 minutes before getting on a plane to Des Moines? I know!!!

    The new Four Peaks Airport location (an official name has yet to be decided upon) will be located at the very end of the A-15 to A-30 concourse or for those of you familiar, where the Taberna Del Tequila currently resides. Please refer to the tiny map below.


    Do you see that small smudge of red writing waaayy up in the upper left hand corner?  That’ll be us soon!

    I know it’s hard to make out so I zoomed in on just the portion that includes Four Peaks below:


    I hope that helps clear up the location question just a little bit, I just hope we have the chops to contend with such airport heavyweights as Burger King, Cinnabon and TCBY!

    In all seriousness though, we are looking forward to serving you that final Kilt Lifter before heading off to Pittsburgh, that one last order of Chicken Rolls until you board that plane to Seattle or even that pint of Pumpkin Porter before flying to Haddonfield, Il for Halloween.

    It’s gonna be cool and fun and we couldn’t be more jazzed because, hey, including the new Production Facility opening later this summer, we’re literally going to have “4″ Peaks in Valley in about a year!

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