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What Life Is Like at Home Without A Printer

It is almost inconceivable to picture life without a computer. Unless you are a very old woman, it is likely that you have at least one computer if not more, as well as a device such as a tablet or a smart phone. These technologies are just taking over our lives. However, there is something that is a bit backwards. When home computers first became popular, it seemed as though everyone who owned one also had a printer. Now, it’s not always the case. But not having a printer can be a real pain for multiple reasons.

When you need it….

At least in my experience, I can go days, or even weeks without needing a printer. I have gone most of my computer owning life without one, so I’ve learned to adjust. But there are the moments when you just have to have a physical piece of paper printed out and then you have to figure out where to find one. Not having a printer will incur more of a time cost when you need something printed. You will either have to save the document that needs printing to a flash drive or something of the sort and go to a friend’s house, a Kinko’s, a library or any place that will be friendly enough to allow you to use it. This will involve driving or walking to said place, waiting for that person to help you out and when all is said and done, something that could have taken seconds has taken an hour of your time. It can be frustrating. 

Hang in there, you may not need one

More and more of life is moving into the digital space. Not having a printer used to be infinitely more devastating than it currently is. With the advent and implementation of  things such as PDF’s, digital document signing and other such modern conveniences, a printer is becoming less and less essential. Paper is a finite resource, but we don’t all think of it in the same way as we do with other finite resources. But digitising things that our culture used to put on paper is saving us from having to use this resource. So many company’s and establishments are moving into the digital realm. The general public and casual printer owner will benefit from this change in the sense that we will have to print less things. Most of these things that used to need to be printed such as homework assignments or stuff for you work can just be handled through email. This digitizing is a trend that will likely continue, so if you can manage without a printer currently, it will likely only get easier to go without.


I did mention that there are costs, both financial and time related, to not owning a printer. But there are also costs associated with owning one. Not owning a printer means that you won’t have to pay for the expensive ink cartridges when they are empty. Ink cartridges do come cheap when you buy remanufactured ink, so the cost is minimal but worthwhile to consider.

 Wrap up

The fact of the matter is not having a printer at home can certainly lead to some stress and unwanted trips to a print shop or elsewhere. It’s a worthwhile expense, they provide value and are necessary for those interested in conducting business at home.


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