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Tips to Overcome Fitness Obstacles by Troy

4-1-2013 KimPeople of every fitness level have obstacles that they come across. Unfortunately this is part of life and it does not discriminate. We all have busy lives, and sometimes our personal fitness takes a backseat to life’s other obstacles and problems.


For some people the biggest fitness obstacle is lack of time. How many times have you heard someone complain that the reason they are out of shape is that they don’t have enough time to workout? This is my favorite obstacle (complaint). I always have the same reply to these people. You don’t have a time problem; you have a time management problem!


Other people will say that they lack the energy after a hard day of work and they have kids, family, etc. For some people, the biggest obstacle is just plain lack of motivation. Maybe you were working out and you didn’t see the results you wanted and you gave up. Regardless of what your personal fitness obstacle may be, it is important to realize that your journey in fitness and health should be considered a marathon, not a sprint. The following tips will help you overcome any current fitness obstacle you may have, and should jump start a great 2013 for you all!


Time Management

Most people will complain that they don’t have the time to work out and be in the best shape they can be. This is complete and utter nonsense! The president of the United States and some of the most successful business men, doctors, and lawyers have time to work out daily. How is this possible? They know how to manage their time! Maybe you have a busy workday ahead of you and will be tied up from 730 AM-8 PM. What excuse do you have not to workout in the morning and shower at the gym? An early workout will jumpstart your day and give you a huge surge of energy! Maybe you are tied up all morning and night but get an hour lunch break? Then workout over your lunch break and grab a quick lunch to go! The fact is that we all have a spare 30-45 minutes to workout throughout the day if we manage our time correctly. And you have shortened the amount of time you train as well.


Short High Intensity Workouts

If you are training at a high intensity, you do not need to work out for more than 30 minutes per day. This is perfect for any busy person who is living a hectic and fast paced lifestyle. You can burn over 500 calories performing a high intensity interval training session. The fact of the matter is between proper time management and short high intensity workouts, you have no reason not to workout daily.


Switch Your Music Playlist

Sometimes lack of motivation when working out can be as simple as some new music to listen too. Research has been shown that you are likely to train harder when you have a brand new music playlist consisting of your favorite music. It will sidetrack your mind and you will be able to train harder and trick your mind not to focus on the physical pain.


Change the Gym Atmosphere

Sometimes a little change of atmosphere can get you over a fitness slump. The fact is that every gym or fitness arena gives off a different vibe and can either be a positive or negative thing for you. Some people like working out in small uncrowded gyms while others prefer large gyms that are crowded. I have always been a fan of extremely large and modern gyms that are semi crowded because they give me certain energy and I feed off other people training hard around me. I have always found I am much more motivated in a large and crowded gym. Whatever your preference is, make sure to find a gym that suits your needs.


Set a Definable Fitness Goal

You are always more likely to be motivated when you have an actual goal that you are working towards. Maybe your goal is to have a six pack by the summer so you have more confidence and can enjoy your time at the beach. Maybe it is to lose a certain amount of weight. For some people it might be to gain a set amount of lean muscle. Whatever your fitness goal is, set a definable goal that you can achieve in a set period of time. I like to make 3 month fitness goals and 9 month fitness goals. It always keeps me on track and keeps me motivated. You have to think about how great it will feel to achieve the goal, and ignore the short term pain that you would be going through. Remember that greatness is achieved in small steps every single day. No one achieves greatness overnight.



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