Revenge of the Nerds…
Posted by at February 19th

In the world of television there are so many different types of stories to fall into.  Romances, thrillers, murder mysteries, zombies, crime investigations, comedies and dramas-the list goes on and on.  Every now and then some magical stroke of genius hits a group of creators and a show is born that manages to combine our favorite elements without being too cheesy or unwatchable.  If this is the kind of show you find compelling, you should watch Glee, the brainchild of Ian Brennen, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.  Their creation combines drama, comedy  and the romance of the theater into a successful series that airs on Fox.   The show is at once both whimsical and serious, mixing drama and comedy in a way that all human beings can relate to.  Life, after all, is an intricate mix of serious moments and hilarious ones and Glee captures that reality beautifully by following the lives of several students and faculty members of William McKinley High School. 

The members of the high school’s glee club, New Directions, are a colorful group of teenagers that compete nationally on the show choir circuit.  The series follows their ups and downs as emerging adults in a complicated world. 

One of the unique characteristic of this show is that while it is set in a high-school, it is not a teenage-oriented series.  This series follows the lives of the students as well as the faculty members and incorporates themes that nearly every human being can relate to.  Delicate societal issues are challenged and dissected in a way that gives the viewer a better idea of how these issues affect people’s daily lives.  For example, one of the students in the series, a young man named Kurt played by Chris Colfer, comes out as gay over the course of the first season.  His story brings into your living room the intimate struggle of a parent wrestling to come to terms with their expectations vs reality and a young son finding the courage to tell his father who he really is.  It also brings to life the daily adversity a person who is seen a societally different must deal with as they find themselves. 

Naturally, in a series about a choir club, there is a lot of music.  The actors, which include big-names such as Matthew Morrison, Jane Lunch and Jessalyn Gilsig, are all accomplished singers and dancers as well.  The various numbers performed on the show cover a huge amount of musical styles.  Covers by the cast include R&B, Classic Rock, Show Tunes, Theatrical productions and even original scores added by the show’s music producers, Adam Anders and Peer Astrom.  The modern, fresh twist on previously produced music continues to delight those who already watch Glee and is sure to provoke your sense of imagination and toe-tapping whimsy. 

The next time you find yourself staying in and cuddling up on the sofa for a relaxing evening, you should definitely watch Glee.  The show will make you laugh, provoke your tears and ask you to think about the many different aspects of the human condition.  The show asks us all to recognize our humanity and how the process of learning and discovering who we are never goes away, whether we are fifteen or forty-five.