Toyota Prius V: Impressive Baby Boomer Road Trip Travel Machine
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It’s no deep, dark hidden secret that baby boomer travelers love road trips.  And perhaps no single invention has contributed more to the American baby boomers’ wanderlust than the automobile.

During our recent two-week trip to Italy, we decided to spend a week in Tuscany.  And, the very first thought that came to mind was to experience the beauty of God’s Tuscan creation at our own pace from behind the wheel of an automobile.

However, with gas at $9/gallon in Italy, cramped parking spaces, and the need to comfortably carry four adults with two-weeks worth of luggage, we knew we needed a very special vehicle.

After our exciting glamping road trip with Toyota last summer, we decided to call our friends at Toyota to see if they might be able to help.

With massive generosity, Toyota provided us with their largest Prius, the Prius V, to journey on our one-week roaming of the Tuscan countryside.

Note: if you can’t see the video, click here.

Five Things Baby Boomers Will Love About the Prius V

  1. Comfort – our Toyota Prius V comfortably hauled four baby boomer road warriors around the backroads of Tuscany.  Trust me, with all of the beautiful things to see, the last thing you want to have on your mind is how uncomfortable you are.  There was none of that with the Prius V.
  2. Cargo Space – finding a vehicle that would not only provide comfort for our road trip, but also carry all of the luggage for the four of us was a little worrisome.  With cargo space more than that of most small SUVs, the Prius easily handled all of our luggage, bags, and stuff!  YEAH!
  3. Hybrid Fuel Efficiency – gas was over $9/gallon in Italy during our trip.  With an EPA-estimated 44 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway, the Prius V was very stingy in the consumption of our very expensive petrol.  In fact, the Prius V delivers the highest combined fuel efficiency of any SUV, crossover utility vehicle or wagon.  We sure appreciated that!
  4. Safety – the Prius V is equipped with seven airbags to protect the driver and all passengers. Plus, Prius V comes with the standard Star Safety System™, a suite of advanced safety features that includes Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control,  Traction Control, Anti-Lock Brake System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist and Smart Stop Technology to help prevent us from getting into an accident in the first place.
  5. Technology – there was a dazzling array of technology in our Prius V.  There was an onboard gauge to help us get the most fuel efficiency from our hybrid engine, the onboard audio system easily handles iPod connectivity, and the English speaking on-board GPS was easy to use, alerted us when we encountered speed cameras, and was truly a God-send in getting us to our destinations.

I could easily go on and on, but you get the idea.  The award-winning Prius V makes for a very impressive baby boomer road trip traveling machine.  We enjoyed it greatly!

Link: Toyota Prius V

Disclosure: our Prius V was provided by the kind and cool folks at Toyota USA working in partnership with their counterparts with Toyota Italy.  Thanks!  

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