Becoming Completely Present: The Benefits of Silencing the Mind
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Like many of you, I have big dreams. It seems the closer I get to 40, the more I add to the list. It sometimes feels as is I’ve put pressure on myself to accomplish all these things in warp speed, as if the clock shuts down at 40 and I hit the finish line. As such, I’ve worked tirelessly over the past handful of years to create the life I think maybe I was destined to live in my youth.


I can’t say I regret doing that. Overcommitting myself and going like crazy produced some big rewards. I checked goals off the list, made progress on my dreams, and felt like I was offering something worth wild to the world.


Then one day as I sat in my kitchen, multi-tasking, cooking, writing, updating Facebook, and helping my kids with homework my youngest son looked at me and said “Can we spend the day together this weekend?” It was a rarity that I had the weekend “off”, but “off” in my mind was going to be filled with cleaning, catching up on administrative tasks, writing, and goal setting. I thought for a moment. “Yes,” I proclaimed. That weekend we set out on a hike, followed by our trip to the coffee shop. We shared a cinnamon muffin (yes, a treat!) and sat drinking our hot drinks together and just talking. It felt good.


That night when I lay in bed, my mind wandering like it always does, it struck me. I need to slow down. I don’t have a lot of moments where I am not thinking of a million things. I’m often planning my next three days in my head as I go through my current day, and in doing that, I’m missing moments.


It’s important to not become complacent. To challenge yourself to do better, to work hard and to goal set. It’s also important sometimes to slow down. To grab hold of that happy place, the place inside you that’s not overexerted and not too slow. Finding that spot requires you to slow your mind down and be present, even for just a moment.


My new goal became to have those moments on a regular basis. Yoga allows for that in my life, as do my long solidary runs, quiet moments in the early morning, and special moments with family and friends. I aim to be completely present. A funny thing happens when you begin to recognize the need for that and make concerted efforts to make it happen. You become more productive. My creativity soars, I feel alive, I feel well, I express more gratitude, my health is better and I work more efficiently.


In 2013 my goal is to be more mindful. To take in each moment, know when to slow down and know when to speed up. I want to allocate time everyday where I silence my mind and become completely present. I challenge you to try this. Truly assess whether this is how you live. Plan a day where for 10 minutes you sit in silence. Make plans with a friend and leave your phone at home. Commit to being in nature for the day and focus on taking in your surroundings or try meditating. Not only will you get to know yourself again, if you are anything like me, you may find you become a better person as a result.

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