Every Sparrow Can Tweet: Grow Your Church With Twitter
Posted by at February 1st

The clustered world of social media has taken over businesses, schools, and weasels its way into our thoughts almost constantly. There seems to be more secular pollution surrounding us than there are stars in the sky, and we all know if the devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy. Instead of getting lost wondering a digital dessert, use these tips to help strengthen your Church’s Twitter campaign and keep your flock strong and connected.

Be a Fisher of Men | Reach Out to Your Flock
As Jesus instructed his disciples, they are to be fishers of men. While fishing as a trade isn’t very common any longer, you can apply these same principles to your Twitter or Facebook page when out fishing for followers. Building up large nets of followers is the best way to ensure the strength of your message reaches the most people, if a person or organization initiates following you, make sure to be proactive about following them back.

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing | There’s a Lot of Spammers Out There
Like any popular trend in a society, there are going to be people trying to take advantage of it, and the same applies to Twitter feeds for non-profit organizations. While most of the people and businesses using Twitter are in the same boat as you, beware of the occasional troll, an organization that posts inappropriate content, or blocks your feed with irrelevant content and clearly has no desire to interact.

Wander the Desert | Milk and Honey on the Other Side
Spend time each week wondering other feeds and relevant news stories, looking for trending topics. Sometimes a little aimless browsing can end up unveiling something wonderful. Carve out time each week to monitor other churches activities, check out the trends of movers and shakers like Ed Young and Focus on the Family, or organizations like Mission: Moving Mountains.

Do Unto Others | Reciprocate
Just like a mini-relationship, Twitter users want to know they’re appreciated, listened to, and they want to be offered insight and information that applies to them. If you’re looking to expand your presence with key influencer’s, make sure to re-tweet their important messages, don’t be shy about spreading the word when you see something you like, or something that supports your causes. Remember that action happens when insight and information is linked through peers.

A Purpose-Driven Plan | Strategize
Planning and organizing, reaching towards a purpose-driven goal is one of the most important aspects of any of life’s endeavors, as Pastor Ed Young regularly advocates. Social media planning is no different. Take a look at your seasonal schedule, upcoming sermons, programs, small group outings, etc. . . and make sure to plan ahead to feature them in your Twitter schedule. Outline content direction a few months ahead of time, but adjust to current events, prayer requests, and any other up-to-date insights.

Sit down and make a map of those you’d like to reach, how you’d like to reach them, and what your goals are: retreat sign ups? New small group members? Charity involvement? Then decipher the best way to reach and attract your target audience. Take time each week to re-adjust and tweak areas that aren’t performing as well as you’d like. Measure your results over time, your focus and devotion to Twitter can help make waves and grow your flock in all new ways.