How to Find Ideas for Your Corporate Blog
Posted by at January 25th

Creating helpful content consistently is important to building trust among your prospects and establishing your company as an industry leader. However, producing volumes of great content frequently can be challenging. How can you keep content coming, fresh and relevant to your market? Here are some ideas to get you started or keep you going with your corporate blog and onsite content marketing efforts.

Industry Questions Asked on Social Media

Social media sites are a great place to find content ideas for your blog. Find out where your target market hangs out online and listen to their questions. Check the questions asked on relevant LinkedIn groups, Facebook pages, Quora and other sites.

Another place to check questions is at answer sites like Yahoo Answers, and others. These sites are very active and will have questions from the most basic to advanced ones. It is up to you to see whether the questions asked fit in your overall inbound content strategy before you craft blog posts about them.

Read Blogs in Your Industry for Ideas

The leading industry blogs drive thought agendas on the web. You can find great topic ideas from such blogs and provide a unique perspective that will intrigue your audience. Some blogs post multiple content pieces throughout the day. Some content may be snippets while others are comprehensive articles. For the snippets, why not turn them into full length, though-provoking posts for your blog? Providing unique perspective on happenings in your industry will build a loyal blog audience.

Write Content Based on Customer Questions

When you blog or talk or keep track of customer feedback, you may get questions unrelated to the topics that you have covered but which foster more ideas. Brainstorm topic ideas from these comments. Writing thoughtful, educative and compelling content will stir response and you can get lots of questions that you use as titles for your next posts.

Another idea is to check the comments made at leading blogs in your industry. Most blogs with large subscriber get many comments. However, due to lack of time, the authors do not respond to most questions. You can respond to the questions asked and link to relevant resources on the Internet. At the same time, you can use the questions asked to build content for your blog.

Explore Multimedia and Visuals

To increase engagement on your website, try a new form of content. Text content is interesting but visuals add spice and improve engagement on your blog. Share infographics, videos, photo slides and other multimedia content on your site.

You can post a video about your company or explaining how a product works, show step-by-step guide on doing something, or simply talk about a subject matter instead of writing about it. Host your video on YouTube or other video hosting sites and then embed it to your website.

Leverage Existing Content

If you blog frequently, do a roundup of your previous posts. You can make a roundup of the best posts on a particular subject or during the month. Past posts roundups help to improve page views on your website and you can capture new prospects that may have missed the previous posts.

Another idea is to give teaser content on your site. If you have an eBook or whitepaper, post an excerpt on your blog and encourage visitors to download the full report. This strategy can help you build your list and will also keep you from going bankrupt on topic ideas.

Make it About Your Community

Your community can be your biggest asset when it comes to blog post ideas. Writing on topics that are relevant to our target market is crucial to building a large, loyal base and establishing trust. Research the problems that your community faces and provide educational posts on the issues. Make sure your content addresses the needs of your target market.

You can also ask your readers for subjects to cover. Run a survey or ask readers to send you tips or suggestions. You can also run contests, ask for guest posts, interview some of your customers and so on.

Creating useful, educational content consistently will help to improve engagement and drive more search traffic to your blog. The above are some tips on generating ideas to write about on your blog.