Pop-Up Display: How Creative Can You Get?
Posted by at January 24th

Your pop up displays are probably the first thing people are going to see when they walk by, and with lots of visual competition you need something spectacular to get all eyes on you.  Thanks to new technologies in design and printing, you can be as creative as you want in your pop up display designs.  No more dull, one dimensional, boring designs necessary; if you can dream it, your pop up can make it a reality!

Big Impact in a Limited Space

Even if space is limited, your pop up display can make an impact.  Bold, bright colors and stunning photographed images can really stand out, and the printing processes used to create the images can make them very realistic to the viewers.  Table top pop up displays may have limited space, but there’s no need to limit the creativity.  LED lights, 3D graphics, and built in shelving means you can create maximum impact with minimum floor space.

Displays that Really Stand Out

The new designs used in pop up displays today are truly impressive, especially when 3D imaging is incorporated in the display.  By using multiple skins on geometric shaped frames, you can create a unique display that’s more informative and engaging than a traditional one-paneled display.  It’s a great way to get a lot of information across without overwhelming the eyes.  It’s also a more flexible display since you can simply change out one or two panels to keep it fresh, instead of having to create a whole new display for future events.

No Need for Flat Displays

The new designs in framework for pop up displays mean you can say goodbye to boring, flat displays.  Add some curves with frames that are sturdy and lightweight to make setup easy.  Putting a little depth in the display by using curved or adjustable frames brings the images on the skins to life and draws the eye to certain points on the display so you can get your information across quickly and beautifully.  Use lighting to further highlight the depth in the display for a more dramatic effect.

Add Some Variety

Try to let the eye wander over your display.  Does it drift across lazily without taking anything in?  Sometimes it’s best to vary the positioning of lights, shelving, and text so that it doesn’t all run in a straight line.  If the eyes are forced to move around the display the brain will be stimulated a little more, and viewers will spend a little extra time viewing your display.  A word of caution: while this is a great tool, avoid over stimulating the eyes with clutter and too much information packed into a small space.  It could cause people to pass you by because it will seem like too much effort to decipher your message.

Provide a Feast for the Eyes

At the end of the day, a display is meant to convey a message or present a product in a way that is appealing.  If the eyes you are trying to reach have more ‘delectable’ displays to feed upon, they are going to eat those up first, then barely nibble on yours.  Be creative in the choice of images and colors that you use so that those eyes want to devour your display more than anyone else’s.