A New Year: Is it Time to Go Back to School?
Posted by at January 24th

Is going back to college the right move for you to make? This question holds more questions to ask yourself before seeking further adult education. Life long learning is good for keeping the mind sharp and broadening your perspective on life. Some of the questions to ask yourself before forking out more money for school in these challenging economic times are:

• Why are you thinking about going back to college at this stage in your adult life?

• How is your job? Are you still happy doing what you are doing or do you want to pursue another career path, or simply strengthen the skills you do have? If you want to change your career, but are not sure which direction to move in, it is best to seek out some professional advice.  Most colleges have career counseling; offering assessments in what your skills are and what pre-requisites are needed to pursue another career field.

• Have you been passed over in getting a promotion because you do not have a college degree or an advanced college degree?

How much more college education to you want to get? If you want to improve the skills you already have, simply getting a certificate may be the answer.

• Can you afford to pay for an education? College education will often require some financial backing. Check into what kind of  financial aid is available to you.

• Are there any other responsibilities, such as caregiving, that could make disciplined learning stressful?

• If you are going back to school to advance yourself in your career, do you have the support of your family? Having a toddler(s) may prevent you from studying if there is not a partner or another adult to look after them.

You also need to consider what college majors are going to be useful especially if you are seeking a new career. You need to review the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) 2012 Job Outlook study. It is a known fact that we need more science and math majors in this country. You are more than likely going to be able to pursue a new career in these areas.

If you really want to go back to college and it has been awhile since you attended school or college, check to see if the college (whether it be online or on campus) has any form of adult degree programs. Talk with others who have returned to college and find out from them what has been the biggest challenge for them.

Going back to college may be right for you.