10 Best Coupon Sites In America
Posted by at January 24th

With the amount of online coupon and daily deal sites on the internet, how do you know which one is the best? Below are the top 10 best coupon websites in America; ones that will save you time, energy, and (obviously) money.

Top 10 Coupon Websites

1. Valpak
If you’ve ever received mail you know the sight of Valpak instantly. That familiar blue envelope filled with savings from businesses in your area is one that you’ve come to know and trust. For over 40 years Valpak dealers continue to offer local and national coupons that get used.

2. Dealseekingmom.com
Tara Kuczykowski, married mother of 5 from Columbus, Ohio, introduces the basics of extreme couponing to new generations of online coupon clippers.  Through this money-saving blog, Tara guides you to the deals and freebies you can grab from familiar, name-brand products.

3. TopMommyBlogs.com
As one of the top sites on the internet for mothers who love to blog, Top MommyBlogs is also the ultimate website for moms who love discovering free and funtastic coupon savings. Mommy bloggers post couponing specials on everything from organic food specials to magazine subscriptions. They also have coupons for free samples, too. And we’re all fans of free stuff, right? Right!

4. Swapbabygoods.com
The good people over at swapbabygoods.com asks shoppers this age-old question: “Why buy when you can swap?” And they have successfully answered their own inquiry by creating a one-of-a-kind website for buyers, sellers, eager swappers and savers. From online coupons, baby clothes, and toys, swapbabygoods gives parents ways to save money while also helping the environment.

5. DailyDeals.com
What’s better than daily deals from your favorite stores like Best Buy, Anne Klein, Home Depot, and more? Well, aside from getting stuff for free, there’s nothing like this! By offering you a wide range of the best deals on the internet, Daily Deals keeps you up to speed.

6. Freebies4Mom.com
Compiled with a vast array of free sample codes from hot spots like Redbox and Kellogg’s, mommy blogger, Heather Hernandez, shares her money-saving tips on the best online coupons, freebies, and giveaways for products you know and trust.

7. RetailMeNot.com
Before you press “ok” on your next retail purchase, making sure to stop by Retail Me Not is definitely a must. Advertised on news outlets such as CNN, TechCrunch, and the Today Show, discounts through promo codes for your favorite department stores and restaurants will save you boatloads of cash.

8. Yipit.com
Similar to RetailMeNot, daily deal website, yipit.com, has been featured on countless, popular media sites like Entrepreneur.com and Washingtonpost.com. And with that amount of press, you know they have to be good. With updated daily savings in your area, yipit.com is the best website for money-saving luxuries.

9. 8coupons.com
8coupons.com helps you find millions of the best online coupons and national coupons from social networking sites like Groupon.com and livingsocial.com. Their aim is to bring you and your family the deals in and around your neighborhood by collecting the best savings from the best sources.

10. Groupon.com
The concept behind Groupon.com is pretty easy to get behind: offer savings and deals from fun and exciting locations across the world. If you want the best of the best, going with a Groupon online coupon will save you money and create memories.