How to Get Started With EPL and Who Needs It?
Posted by at January 18th

An Ethernet Private Line or EPL is quickly becoming a popular data service that provides a point-to-point virtual connection between two network interfaces. With a high degree of transparency it delivers high-capacity communication between the two sites with a secure, closed transport service.

EPL Technical Aspects
EPL has many aspects that make it appealing for not just individuals but businesses, as well. Because it offers a secure connection between networks, it takes safety and security to a new level, including:

  • Proactive network ring testing
  • Security policies and audits
  • Transparent VLANs and layer 2/3 protocols (fancy talk for safe)
  • Access to historical and near real-time performance reports

Depending on what type of service you go with, an Ethernet Private Line is often offered in three Class of Service options: basic service, priority, and premium. Having these options enables customers to choose the CoS that best meets their performance requirements. The three options range from 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps Ethernet User-to-Network Interfaces and are available in speed ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gbps.

Benefits of EPL

  • A unique customer ID that allows you to bypass the public internet so whatever data you send over your network is kept safe
  • High performance – guaranteed availability, bandwidth, constant network monitoring
  • Storage area networking
  • Extensive coverage for multi-location businesses
  • File sharing
  • Data backup
  • Video conferencing ease
  • Continuous monitoring

Installing an Ethernet Private Line also gives you web-based reporting of the previous day’s activity viewed through a secure web portal. There are options you can choose that guarantee 24/7 support from a local account team typically consisting of technical and service specialists who monitor your service on a daily basis.

An EPL connection provides excellent quality and because it’s not shared, it will always follow the same direct network path. If you own a business or have a network in your home with multiple users, installing an EPL may be your solution to reduced cost and a secure, safe network.

The private line circuits are used by businesses to provide reliable, secure Ethernet data service for applications, which may include credit card processing and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). EPL service can also be configured to carry voice, Internet, and data services together over the same private line with ample bandwidth.

If, as a business, you deploy dedicated Wide Area Network, or WAN services to support critical business applications, you most likely require a high degree of availability or deterministic performance. Using a private line can be a significant gain in providing dependable business continuity.

If you plan on installing an Ethernet Private Line, there are a few things to consider, such as:

  •  Allow for enough secure space no more than 50 feet from the customer router or interface
  • Provide an operating environment where temperatures are no lower than 55 degrees or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit

Provide outside cable entry conduits, entry cable ground point, and internal building conduit.