Save in 2013: Using Coupons to Stretch Your Budget
Posted by at January 3rd

You probably are well aware of the situation – the prices of goods keep increasing while the amount on your paycheck remains the same. There are several strategies you can use to combat this issue, such as restricting your purchases. However what happens when many of the items you buy are necessities? If you want to be able to stretch your budget to buy both the things you need, along with a few things that you want, then it’s time to consider using coupons.

Coupons allow you to save money on selected items that are available for purchase. Sometimes a store will offer a coupon for items it sells and other times, a brand will provide a coupon for their products that can be redeemed at select retailers. Either way, it is a win-win for consumers.

To get you started using coupons, here are some helpful tips to remember: 

ONE – Scan your weekly flyers. They will include free coupons to use in stores in your area, and possibly discounts on items as well. You can plan your weekly menu based on items that are on sale, ensuring you have tasty home-cooked meals at a reduced price or household products you need.

TWO – Look online: The flyers in your newspapers aren’t the only place where you can find coupons. Checking out web sites dedicated to coupons, the stores where you shop, or manufacturers you like, can also yield some great free coupons.

THREE – Double your pleasure: Some places will allow you to use two coupons for a single item, thereby reducing the price of the item even further. This is especially good if the regular price of the item is high or if the value of the coupon is quite small.

FOUR – Shop online: You don’t have to go to an actual store to use coupons! Happily, online shopping allows you to use free coupon codes that they offer to get a deal.

FIVE – Buy what you need: Saving money is great, but only when you are buying what you need. Coupons can entice you to get a deal on items you may not actually need or use. So to stretch your budget, make and stick to a list to keep yourself on track.

SIX – Let them come to you: Looking through flyers and scanning the Internet for coupons is good but can be time-consuming. Luckily, many merchants allow you to sign up for free coupons. When a coupon becomes available for an item you tend to purchase, you can receive an automatic email notification. Efficiency at its best!

SEVEN – The fun stuff: Coupons don’t have to be restricted to boring purchases. You can find coupons for restaurants, movies, the theater, books, and other items that put a smile on your face.

When you need to buy things but need to stay within a budget, couponing can help you remain within your means. Use the tips above to discover deals and have fun!