What is an online certification badge?
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An online certification badge is a new type of credential being developed by some of the most prominent universities in the world. Badges represent traditional academic achievements and the acquisition of skills such as marketing, finance, leadership, and more.  Individuals who acquire business certifications online now have the opportunity to take advantage of the unique online badge from certain institutions to showcase their skills and achievements to current and future employers.


More and more individuals are taking non-degree courses and business certifications online to brush up on or acquire skills that are needed to advance their career. The new online badges help to account for that formal learning process that is not necessarily measured through the acquisition of a diploma at the completion of the program.  With the amount of individuals who are acquiring skills through non-degree settings, there needs to be a way to highlight those academic accomplishments and skills gained.  Badges are the new and enhanced way to accurately measure an individual’s competency, and recognize the time and effort someone has put into continuing their education.  In addition, badges help engage students in learning, and broaden the avenues for learners of all ages to acquire and demonstrate, as well as document and display, their recently acquired skills.


At Thunderbird Online, we found that individuals require new and innovative ways to display their recent achievements to current and future employers and peers.  Today’s fast-changing job market requires that we enable our participants with the most efficient and effective ways to showcase their business certification and recent academic accomplishment.  Thunderbird Online’s Certification Badge is offered to all individuals who have completed an online business certificate course. This exclusive online badge is a symbol of recognition from Thunderbird that an individual has successfully completed their certificate program. This badge will showcase to employers and peers that the participant has obtained the global business skills necessary to create real and sustainable value for their organization.


How do you show your boss or colleagues that you have taken a certification or non-degree course to help improve your skills?  Once you have completed your online certificate program, Thunderbird Online will provide you access to download or save these badges for your personal use. Thunderbird Online participants proudly showcase their certification badge in many places including their resume, e-mail signature, personal websites, and more.  This gives individuals multiple avenues to spread the word about their recent achievement.  In addition, the badge provides information to individuals who want to learn more about the Thunderbird Online program that the participant just completed, and also enables individuals to request verification of completion.


Do you want to learn more about how you can start earning the credentials to obtain your online certification badge?  Discover your business certification options.



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Thunderbird Online, a professional development division of Thunderbird School of Global Management, provides online courses and executive certificates to busy professionals seeking to continue learning throughout their professional career. Thunderbird Online develops and delivers innovative continuing education programs designed specifically for working professionals looking to improve their marketability and gain a leading edge over their competition. These programs are also ideal for experienced executives seeking to gain expertise in a global business focus area, and take their organization to the next level with enhanced knowledge and skills in today’s dynamic global marketplace.  http://online.thunderbird.edu/

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