Corporate Solutions Through Online Professional Development Programs
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In today’s global economy, a great way for an organization to gain a competitive advantage is to provide online professional development programs to employees. These online programs provide employees the opportunity to work full-time and achieve their goal of continuing education. Employees gain access to the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their workplace performance and provide quality service. By educating internally, businesses can expect to see an overall positive return from their employees.

Some advantages online professional development programs can provide are:

  • Job Satisfaction – When a company invests internally, it showcases to the employees that they are valued and considered a prized entity. A sense of community and self-worth is gained, and this increases employee motivation and work performance. Employees are key stakeholders to an organization, and investing in their professional development is essential to employee retention.


  • Improved Performance – Helping an employee or team improve performance is key to a successful organization. It is important for employees to have the opportunity to continue their education to gain the necessary skills to move to the next level. By providing this opportunity, both employees and the organization can reap the benefits of the convenience and quality that an online continuing education program provides. These programs allow employees to continue their education on their schedule, and balance their professional and personal lives.


  • Increased Innovation – By providing employees the ability to enhance their knowledge and skills, the opportunity for increased innovation is possible. Online professional development programs provide employees education in areas such as leadership, marketing, negotiation, and more. These skills are essential for an employee who is looking to advance within their organization. 


  • Positive Company Image – A strong message is sent when a company takes the initiative to invest in employee professional development. This showcases to future employees that the company cares, and is passionate about the overall business as a whole.


Online professional development programs allow companies to gain a global competitive advantage by providing all employees, both at the corporate headquarters and remote around the world, with the education they need to develop within the organization. Employing quality, hard-working individuals is important to the success of a company and overall morale, and investing in your talent management pipeline is essential to nurturing these employees over time. Thunderbird Online provides companies the opportunity to invest in their employees with the #1-ranked school in international business. To find the best program for your employees, please visit:

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