How to Evaluate an Online Continuing Education Program
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There are many possibilities you can choose from when deciding on an online continuing education program, and one of the biggest challenges is deciding on which program and area of interest is right for you. It is important to gain your education from an institution that will provide you the educational background necessary for your professional and career development.

There are many variables that come into play when choosing an online continuing education program. Key areas you need to consider are:

  • Accreditation – Considering a school’s accreditation is very important when choosing an online educational program. Accreditation will provide you insight into the school’s academic background and international credentials. The accreditation process examines the school’s programs, faculty, cultural context, and the community of the stakeholders to pronounce an institute’s quality of education.


  • Rankings – When choosing an online continuing education program it is important to choose a school that proves itself through high academic rankings. Choosing an institute that ranks highly among other institutions is imperative to the future of your career because it will provide you with the quality education needed to enhance your educational skill set.


  • Opportunities – It is important to consider what you will receive both during and after your online continuing education program. When you choose a program, you should be looking for other opportunities that will become readily available to you such as networking possibilities with other business professionals, educational institution recognition, and community spirit.

Now that you have the foundation to find the best institution to help you meet your professional development goals, deciding on which area is right for you is the next step. Some program areas include:

  • Global Corporate Social Responsibility – An online Executive Certificate in Global Corporate Social Responsibility will provide you the essential knowledge needed to develop a successful CSR plan within your global community. In today’s global economy, it is important for a company to be responsible, and have a positive impact on their environment, consumers, employers, and stakeholders. This will allow you to provide sustainable systems that will create value by implementing an actionable plan for your organization.


  • Global Marketing – An online Executive Certificate in Global Marketing will enhance your understanding of marketing on a global scale. An executive certificate in this area will provide you the background needed to understand your customers, and create a successful global marketing strategy for your company to expand and compete in the global marketplace.


  • Global Negotiations – An Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations will allow you to gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed to enhance your global negotiation skills when you are working with businesses around the globe. Knowledge of different cultures, and how these cultures are impacted, is essential to your international business success.

Thunderbird Online offers online professional development programs that are available to global business professionals around the world. These online programs will allow you to develop your professional skill set and take your career to the next level. Obtaining an education with an accredited, top-ranked school will provide you the quality education you need to enhance your knowledge in your area of interest. To find your online program and to learn more about Thunderbird Online, please visit:

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