Male Nurses, What Are the Uniform Options?
Posted by at November 19th

The field of nursing requires you to be on your feet and active for long periods of time; therefore, you need a lightweight uniform.

This allows you to move freely and be able to perform your nursing duties without bothersome clothing preventing you from saving a life. Additionally, a nurse’s uniform must make you look professional. You’re coming in contact with patients and their families, and you need to look like you know what you’re doing, so that they’re more confident in your nursing abilities.

Landau scrubs provide guys with light, yet durable, uniforms made of comfortable material. They dry quickly, so when you’re working long hours and have limited time for your laundry, you can still have work clothes. Not to mention, like all scrubs, stains come out of them rather easily.

One example of a uniform for a male nurse is cargo scrub pants. These particular pants give you the best of both worlds – comfort and definitely. style. Unlike traditional scrubs that are plain and basic, cargo scrub pants have a large pocket and could honestly pass for office wear. The large pocket allows for ample storage space for medical supplies or anything else you need quickly at hand.

Landau also has more traditional scrub pants like the regular drawstring pants. Even if you lose a few pounds, you’ll still be able to fit into your bottoms with a pair that has a drawstring. They’re available in numerous color choices like red, black, blue, green or orange, so you’re not limited. Not to mention, if you must wear a particular color to work, then chances are, you’ll find it in this pants variety. You can also choose unisex pants that have a short drawstring. Landau scrub pants even come in tall, so even if you’re 6’5″, you can find a pair for work. 

Landau scrubs offers male nurses two scrub top options: a scrub jacket and a reversible scrub top. A warm-up scrub jacket looks stylish and professional, while giving you the benefit of warmth when working on those chilly winter nights, or when you’re working in a freezing cold unit in a hospital.  The reversible scrub tops are short-sleeved with a V-neck collar and one pocket, so you have room to carry your pen, and still look hospital-fashionable.