Bright Colors Cheer Up Your Patients
Posted by at November 16th

White has long been the color associated with physician’s jackets and nursing uniforms, but bolder and brighter colors have become a new trend – for nurses in particular.

White is a color traditionally associated with purity and goodness, and while in the past it may have been the standard go-to, nowadays people already associate nurses with these qualities, leaving some room for experimentation in the color department. Studies have demonstrated that color can dramatically affect an individual’s mood, meaning that health care professionals can now use nursing uniforms color as one more healing tool in their collection.

What Colors To Choose
Green is traditionally associated with health, prosperity, rebirth, and safety, and thus is a fantastic choice for nursing professionals. Obviously, avoid the washed out pea-soup green as it has been over used in institutions. Fortunately there are many other shades that work well such as the darker, confidence inspiring forest green.

Orange is a warm and inviting color which increases oxygen supply to the brain as well as being an  appetite stimulant. As a color it is widely liked by the majority of people, making it a great choice for nursing uniforms.

Purple has always been a color associated with royalty, and combines the calming aspects of blue with the fiery and energetic sensations that red can evoke. (It also, thankfully, looks great with other colors.)

What Colors To Avoid
Red can be too powerful and provoking, as it’s most often associated with passion, jealousy, and anger – feelings good to avoid in the medical profession.

Yellow can work well in small doses, but an excess can be upsetting for some. Try using it with a blend of other colors to lighten things up a bit without being overbearing.

Ancient Egyptians and Chinese both practiced chromotherapy, sometimes called colorology. Both cultures felt that different colors had different healing powers, and while skeptics claim that color can’t heal, the vast majority of people will readily admit that color does affect mood.

This is the primary reason, after all, that we have colors we like and colors we don’t. While there may not be any clear-cut scientific proof as to whether nursing uniforms with brighter colors can actually help heal patients, they certainly bring out some big smiles.