Why Do People Like Sushi?
Posted by at November 13th

Sushi cuisine is still on the rise in America and around the world. Culinary programs are teaching more and more young chefs this ancient culinary discipline. Whether they love to experience food from a different culture, find a health alternative to red meat, or just want some tasty variety, people choose sushi as a delicious and satisfying way to have a meal.

In today’s world sushi is universally accepted as a healthy and delicious way to eat food. Almost all culinary programs around the world, now offer some sort of sushi preparation class. Over the past 20 years sushi has made its way into mainstream Western Civilization.

The Historical and Cultural Allure of Sushi

One of the main attractions to sushi, stems from its long history and association with east-Asian culture, particularly Japanese culture. It is believed that sushi originated around 200 A.D. in Southeast Asia as a means of preserving fish and other raw meats. Originally the meat or fish would be cured, and the rice and seaweed would be discarded when the food was ready to be eaten.

Eventually sushi would be adopted by the Japanese since fish was a food staple. From this grew what is known as modern day sushi. The Japanese would use cooked or raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed so the entire roll was ready for consumption, and the first signs of modern sushi emerged.
In the 1970s, the U.S. opened up trade with Japan, leading to thousands of Japanese people living in the United States. While catering to Japanese expatriates, many restaurants were experimenting with different types of sushi. This gave rise to choices like the California Roll. This roll replaced raw fish with cucumber which was a great way to introduce Americans to sushi since they were not used to eating raw fish.

Sushi is a way to experience the history and culture of Southeast Asia. At first Westerners were apprehensive toward eating raw fish, but today many people enjoy eating a variety of sushi plates and dishes. Whether you eat sushi with your hands, a fork, or chopsticks, you get to taste flavors that have been in the works for almost 2,000 years.

The Increasingly Health-Conscious Consumer

As America and other developed nations around the world continue to become more and more overweight, many people are turning to healthy foods to lose pounds and stay healthy. Sushi is a great way to get nutritious food while watching your calories.

There are many different kinds of sushi, with all kinds of combinations of green seaweed, meat, fish, and rice. Vegetable combinations can be particularly nutrient rich, since many culinary programs teach chefs to include shiitake mushrooms, cucumber, and avocado.

Another great health advantage to sushi is the iconic sea vegetable wraps that go around the rice and fillers. Sea greens are packed with vital nutrients and have virtually no calories.

Sashimi, or sushi served with raw fish on top, has become an increasingly popular choice for sushi lovers everywhere. Many types of fish are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and protein with little or no saturated fat. Whatever their reason for eating sushi, people around the world have decided they approve.