Fun or Fantasy: Wedding Tablecloths Set the Stage
Posted by at September 27th

When it’s nearly your special day, everything should be perfect. Flowers are ordered, food is catered, and each table will be carefully set, and if done properly, your guests’ dining experience will become a work of art in itself. The party doesn’t stop when the “I dos” have been uttered, believe it or not!


Your guests are important, and it might be tempting to just adorn each table with beautiful flowers or an ornate centerpiece, but before you can erect the walls, the foundation must be laid; in this case, with a tablecloth. Plain white linen is standard and readily available, but there are hundreds of options to add some fun and fantasy to your wedding.


Whether you choose a banquet hall, a hotel, a restaurant, or even a family home for your reception — there are going to be plenty of opportunities to get creative with your table settings.


Most fortunately of all, tablecloths aren’t just about standard white anymore.


- Simple polyester tablecloths are classic and inexpensive, and can come in a range of colors.


- Satin and shimmer crush tablecloths are effortlessly elegant, and a way to add a flair of class to any event. They’re lightweight but stylish — and don’t underestimate the simple power of gold, silver, or pearl.


- Lightweight organza overlays, which come in just about every color imaginable, can add a bit of color to otherwise plain white linen tablecloths. These sheer but high-quality pieces of fabric can bring a splash of color to a bland setting. Going with organza might also free you up creatively to pick several colors, rather than just one.


- Less well-known is the pintuck table cloth, which is considerably heavier-duty (but still with a beautiful, silky finish). These tablecloths are white-glove and very sleek.


To avoid clashing with the decor, try picking colors that will accent the room you’ve decided upon for your reception, rather than colors that will blend in. Consider colors on the opposite end of the color spectrum from the flower arrangements, as well.


Are your tables round, square, or rectangular? Will you need twelve tablecloths or two hundred?


Fortunately, it won’t matter. Wholesale Event Solutions offers a full range of colors, sizes, and varieties, all made in the USA.