5 Tips For Choosing a Jewelry Safe
Posted by at September 27th

If you have jewelry that you hold dear to your heart, or items that are of monetary value, you might want to look into buying one of the many jewelry safes available. Jewelry safes can help protect your items from thieves and a number of elements, give you piece of mind, and still keep your jewelry accessible.


If you decide to look through the jewelry safes available, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Here are five tips to help you choose.


ONE: Consider Interior Space


When you look at jewelry safes, think about how much space you will want on the inside. Most pieces of jewelry are quite small so you may not need that much room, but you might also consider using the safe for other items like important documents.


Safes are generally more expensive the larger they are, but you want to make sure you have enough room in your safe not only for the jewelry you currently want to store, but also for any future pieces.


TWO: Consider Exterior Space


There are a number of big jewelry safes you could buy to place in your basement, closet, or other area. You will need to think about how much space you have for such a safe.


Jewelry safes can be small, like a jewelry box or they can be large like a refrigerator. Knowing how many items other than your jewelry you will put into the safe will play into the size you need. And, of course, how much space you have will help you determine exterior size.


THREE: Safety/Protection Aspects


When you think of your jewelry, ask yourself what are you guarding it against? If you just want to safeguard your pieces from thieves, a simple safe with somewhat thick walls and a lock will suffice. If, however, you also want your items to be safe from fire, flood, and other natural disasters, you will want a heftier safe. When it comes to protecting precious items, the more you anticipate the better.


FOUR: Accessibility


Think about how often you wear your jewelry. Do you want the safe to be easy to access and near at hand or does it matter much? Some safes are simple combinations while others are much more complicated.


FIVE: Permanency and Inconspicuousness


Think about whether or not you will be moving your safe from house to house or between locations. If the safe will be moved, get one that is easier to move. If you want the safe to be permanent, you can have it placed in your wall. Safes that simply sit on a dresser or floor are obvious, but you can get versions that are more hidden and remain hard to find.