The Toughest Part about Getting Divorced
Posted by at September 24th

Getting married is the ultimate declaration of love for another person. While no one ever enters into such a huge commitment lightly, things happen in life that force married people apart. Many people decide to divorce as a result of a specific cause, such as adultery or domestic violence; however, a lot of people who divorce simply drift apart over a period of time.

What’s Best For the Children
When a relationship breaks down, many people agree on a mutually beneficial parting. Sometimes, however, a split is not amicable and arguments can erupt around different issues. This can be tough on children, who often find themselves torn between both parties. In many cases, legal intervention is required to ascertain where children should live after a divorce. 

During a custody battle of this nature, both parties will be required to state their case before a judge. Children are often given the chance to speak at such court hearings, which can be distressing. Care should be taken by both parents not to make a child feel guilty about expressing a particular preference. 

Home Was Where The Heart Was
Where a couple owns a home, the divorce proceedings can become a little complex. In most cases, one partner will have provided a larger source of income than the other to the relationship. 

Where an agreement cannot be reached, deciding on a fair split of such a large asset can get complicated. Judges will take many things into account, including financial contribution, domestic contribution and emotional welfare. There may be settlements that involve the transfer of ownership to one person; however, in most cases the property will need to be sold and the cash value split according to a judge’s directions.

Keep Your Mind On Your Money
The end of a relationship is also the end of a financial partnership. This means that the jointly-held assets need to be given cash values and divided accordingly. This becomes far more difficult when it comes to financial investments and pensions. Where income levels vary considerably, it is likely that contribution levels towards such investment may have differed substantially. 

Pensions are often in a single person’s name, meaning there may be only one named beneficiary. It is only fair that these issues are looked into and the proceeds and benefits are shared properly. The complex nature of this usually requires professional help. Click here for legal assistance when trying to divide marital assets fairly.

It is important to remember that the name on a deed of ownership does not necessarily signify the sole legal owner. Where assets have been jointly accrued as part of a relationship, ownership is often a complicated issue; people who are concerned about their rights in a divorce should seek expert advice.