The Time Has Come: Redesign Your Site For Mobile
Posted by at September 20th

It has been a long time coming, but it’s here. The mobile revolution over the past few years has finally reached a point where companies — and their web presence — simply can’t look the other way. The facts are facts. Mobile usage of the web continues to grow and evolve from Arizona to Canada and worldwide. That’s why for effective mobile website design, companies like yours are turning to experts in digital design to redesign their sites and make them mobile friendly.

What is Mobile Friendly?
As the use of the Internet evolves, so does the mobile user experience. This is driven by advanced device technology including the increase in smartphones, as well as better browsers on even the most basic mobile phones. Today it’s easier than ever to shop, buy and promote things directly from your mobile device. So your business better be ready to meet the trend head on.

Mobile website design Toronto businesses include and adapt elements that can be better viewed on smaller screens and devices. New businesses and startups should build a mobile site first and use that to drive their main site. Some companies are building a separate mobile version of their current site, but this means you will pay for two sites to keep your presence going.

 The smarter solution is to redesign your current site with mobile in mind, so that the website works for both.

Explore With Moving Design
It’s important to remember that as mobile use continues to thrive, there are many different types of devices and many different screen sizes. Your website should be able to accommodate those screen sizes without a potential customer having to scroll around just to find basic information.

 Second, your mobile website should have easy functionality when it comes to purchasing your products or contacting you. There are many benefits to allowing your clients and customers the ability to recreate all the things they can do from their desk computer on their wireless devices.

 You should consider the best approach to website design. Do you want a responsive, engaged site? Or simply a mobile-friendly version, which is one step in the right direction? You need to think about user experience, and how you need to organize — or reorganize — the content of your site. Sometimes less is more. Especially in mobile.

 If you are considering a redesign, now is the time. There are many options companies like yours should think about before diving in. Write down a few basic things you know you want, then search for the right website design professional to help you get it done and guide you.