One Phoenix Design Week Highlight Will Be Talented Use of Color
Posted by at September 20th

As graphic designers converge to share their talents during Phoenix Design Week (Twitter handle: @PHXDC) being held September 24-30, one thing they’ll discuss is advances in color printing to add new dimension to their work.

 In amid the multitude of conversations from the attendees will indeed be the latest tricks of the trade regarding printer inks, laser tones and photo papers. A lot of graphic design is online, sure, but think of all the printed materials that still end up in your hands. Finding the right inks and printers can often greatly expand a graphic designer’s capabilities and better show off their vision.

 The theme for this year’s PHXDW is “Here and Now” and the weekend conference will provide presentations from internationally known keynote speakers and seminars conducted by leading local design professionals.

 The poster contest this year will be judged on the use of color, design and message delivery, to promote the theme of the 2012 event. Sponsors of PHXDW like AZPRO, the local graphics provider for vehicle wrap and commercial displays, are considered leaders in large format and poster printing. The professional graphic designers’ publication, Process, will also host displays featuring the symbolic use of color, especially on web-based designs.

 Exhibits include highlighting tips on effective design with black and white spaces and insights into the new typography designs in print advertising, including letterpress-printed works. The use of color-based optical illusions in graphic design is another aspect of color printing that has experienced significant advances in recent years and lead to extremely effective advertising campaigns.

 Graphic designers can learn so much from the exhibits, or grouping together for Pantone powwows (Is a group of graphic designers called a font? Or perhaps a kerning?). After the week is over and inspiration still rings loudly in your ears, companies like Ink Technologies have first-hand experience in presenting true color and can offer insights into how the digital revolution has influenced the printing business.

 The two-day PHXDW conference will feature an entire track devoted exclusively to professional level Adobe training. Keynote speakers will include Armin Vit of Under Consideration from Austin, Yale graduate Eddie Opara of Pentagram who has won numerous awards in graphic design, and New York City art director Jessica Walsh of SagmeisterWalsh. Registration for the entire weekend conference or just selected events is available online at