Unorthodox Uses for a Nursing Masters Degree
Posted by at August 23rd

Do registered nurses need a masters degree in nursing to make the most of their careers? According to national news, the best job in 2012 is as a registered nurse. Whether you have worked in the same physician’s office for fifteen years, or you are considering joining the dynamic and expanding field of health care, this might be the right time to further your education and nursing career.


In the always changing and often challenging medical field a masters degree in nursing opens a world of career opportunities to you such as these listed below.


1. The ever increasing costs of health care, in addition to insufficient health care professionals, often means an abundance of jobs available in many rural areas. As a nurse practitioner you will be an invaluable asset to any medical staff in this rewarding as well as lucrative career.


2. Teaching the next generation of nurses best nursing practices as an accomplished nurse educator may be your passion. Do your peer’s look to you for help or an assist on the proper way to perform tasks? A masters degree in nursing will give you the tools you need to teach the nurses of tomorrow.


3. Focusing on women’s health and assisting them during childbirth as a nurse midwife is another good use of an MSN.


4. Participating in research work or clinical trials is another aspect of health care that will open even further for you when you achieve the goal of earning your masters degree in nursing. If the possibility of helping to discover advances in medicine and medical care interest you, expanding into research or clinical trials may be the choice for you.


5. Make an informed contribution to the success of your health care facility in nursing management. Health care administrators need to be strong leaders able to provide solutions to complex health care problems. You will be prepared to lead in a large variety of health care settings.


6. With a masters degree in nursing, available career directions include employment at rehabilitation centers, schools, public health facilities or you can even work as a private nurse.


You need to be prepared for anything in the world of nursing. As you continue caring for others you can pursue a master degree in nursing with an on line program. It prepares registered nurses for advanced nursing roles and your successful career to come. Develop your skills, credibility and knowledge as you open up your career options through the pursuit of further education. No, you do not need a masters degree in nursing but it sure will expand your options for your future.