Three Advantages of Liquid Vitamins
Posted by at July 23rd

Vitamins are essential to human life. The human body cannot synthesize these vitamins for itself, so it needs to acquire them from food or supplements. Health specialists recommend taking daily supplements that contain the nutrients you often miss by not ingesting certain foods containing key minerals. This is the reason why many people must take oral vitamins to keep fit.


You can take vitamin supplements to address a specific need, but vitamins are generally taken for overall health. There are two forms of vitamins that you can take—one is the capsule or hard pill vitamin supplement, and the other is the liquid multivitamin that does essentially the same work but with added advantages.


People of all ages can consume easy-to-ingest liquid multivitamins, which can be taken alone, with beverages or with food. This is especially beneficial for elderly people or for parents who need to administer vitamins to their young children. Liquid multivitamins do not cause the problems that hard pills might potentially cause, like choking when swallowing. Depending on temperature levels, you can add certain liquid multivitamins to your meals during preparation for vitamin-rich cuisine fortified with essential nutrients the body needs.


Another advantage associated with liquid multivitamins is that they are easier to digest. Hard pills are much harder to digest than liquid vitamins; and oftentimes the body is not strong enough to digest these hard pills, which then go to waste. Additionally, the body doesn’t have to deal with the added dyes or fillers that are often compounded within the hard pill or capsule usually for cosmetic reasons. These inessential ingredients often hinder the body from properly digesting the pill’s nutrients. On the other hand, liquid vitamins cause less stress on the stomach, and digestion doesn’t take as long as it does with the hard pills.


The liquid multivitamin is also almost three to five times more concentrated when compared to hard pills which lead to higher bio-activity. Studies show that liquid vitamins perform bio-activities with an absorption rate of approximately 98% which is four times faster than with hard pills or capsules. That means that your body may more efficiently acquire a complete vitamin supply within the lowest possible time.


Generally, your body assimilates liquids into the blood stream faster than solid matter. Your organs, then, acquire nutrients from the blood stream and your body’s cells receive a more concentrated dose of the compounds necessary to carry out their respective functions more quickly and efficiently.


In today’s fast-paced world where people often consume vitamin-deficient fast foods and harmful manufactured preservatives, obtaining the essential vitamins for proper body functioning is ever important. Liquid multivitamins are a quick and increasingly popular solution to maintaining your overall good health and performance.