Three Advantages of Underground Warehousing
Posted by at July 20th

With space above ground rapidly running out and concerns about security and costs ever present, more companies are choosing to use underground warehouses to store their documents, stock, and data.


There are several advantages to choosing an underground warehouse for storage.

Safe and secure


Underground warehouses offer an extremely safe place to store sensitive data or expensive stock. The underground location of these warehouses means they have limited access, usually with only one or two entry and exit points.



These can be well guarded with electronic security measures and security staff reducing the risk of break-ins, thefts, and vandalism.


Many underground warehouses open directly onto to road or rail links to make transport easier and offer a secure route to and from the warehouse. These warehouses often cover a large area meaning machines such as a Hyster forklift can easily be used to move items around or load them onto trucks or trains for delivery. Most are big enough that trucks can drive right into the warehouse so loading and unloading can be done securely inside.


A constant climate


Underground facilities are not subject to changes in the weather, which makes it easier to control the climate inside. This not only helps preserve stock and documents, but also reduces the amount spent on utilities. It also helps with budgeting, as costs such as heating will not vary with the seasons.


The easily controlled climate makes underground warehousing a good option for storing both dry and refrigerated food as well as sensitive papers.


Building work in underground warehouses is not affected by the weather, so alterations or the building of new units to suit a company can be done at any time. It also provides a better climate for warehouse employees as it remains at a comfortable temperature year round.


Disaster proof


In the event of a natural disaster, stock and date stored in underground warehouses should be safe. Most underground warehouses are built out of natural disaster zones such as earthquake fault lines and will not be affected by an above ground disaster such as tornadoes or wildfires.


Machinery such as Hyster forklifts can also be used and stored in the warehouse, allowing companies to continue stock deliveries or recover important data or documents in the wake of a natural disaster.


Underground warehouses are a safe and secure option for anyone from large companies to private individuals looking to store valuable possessions.