Dress Up Your Windows for a Fresh Look
Posted by at June 12th

There are many types of window coverings depending on the materials and systems used to make them. The materials used for making typical window coverings are commonly slats or single piece of wood, metals, plastic or fabric. Are you considering making a simple, budget conscious changes to your home? Whether you have a lot of funds or little to spend, you can get some window coverings that will make guests want to stay long in your home. Feel free to approach a dealer who would discuss with you simple options of blinds and shutters to buy.


Window Blinds


Interior window coverings, such as blinds, add value to your home. Apart from being attractive, they have more practical benefits. They bring about effective light control, insulation, and privacy for you and your family.


Traditional ones are used by many people. They are cheaper than other option, and fairly simple to install. Since they differ in sizes, you can buy a suitable size to fit your window comfortably.


Venetian blinds have lateral slats suspended by tapes or cords and can rotate through 180 degrees. You can change the angles of the slats by rotating them to control light. They are mostly made of plastic or metal.


Vertical types consist of slats that are wider than those of Venetian. Unlike horizontal ones, you hung them vertically. To expose the window, you draw them to one side. The horizontal ones are hung horizontally and are drawn upwards. However, if you are after cutting on your budget, you should prefer horizontal types to vertical ones.


As much as you would like some privacy in your kitchen, you need light there. Roller blinds are ideally used for kitchen and bathroom windows since they allow light to penetrate inside. They do not pose any difficulties to you when cleaning and using. Be sure to go for those that are completely waterproof.


Alternative Interior Options


Bamboo coverings can also be bought. They are made of wood, but whether you want more or less breeze and light, your option will be available. If you want more breezes and more light into your home, go for those that are tightly knitted together.


Exterior Options


Shutters are usually available in comprehensive exterior or interior fitting options. You can buy those that are bi-fold, sliding, or hinged. They can be removable or fixed. They do not have cords or fittings and therefore your child cannot get injured. As opposed to blinds, shutters provide more permanent covering and therefore hide dust. You can also maintain their brand new look more easily.




You should go for a window covering that suits your financial status, needs and style. This is a good approach to dressing up your window for a fresh look.